Installing Flutter

Go to and select the OS that works for you

I’m working with Windows so I’ll step through what’s needed for that

Download the Flutter SDK by clicking the “” or whatever version it’s up to by the time you read this (approx 820MB)

Extract to c:\src

Add the c:\src\flutter\bin folder to your path (in the environment variables)

Open a command prompt (Press the Start Button  and type CMD[Enter])

Type “cd \src\flutter” to get to the flutter directory

Type “flutter doctor”. This will check the install is good and report any problems. In my case, I got the following: –

To resolve the “Unable to locate Android SDK” problem, install Android Studio from

Once the Android studio install has completed, run “flutter doctor” again and you’ll see this: –

To solve the cmdline-tools problem, open the SDK Manager in Android Studio and install the Android SDK Command-line Tools as shown in the screenshots below: –

…and this is easily solved by typing “flutter doctor –android-licenses” and pressing [Enter]

Follow the prompts and accept the licenses and you’ll now see a clean bill of health

Ok. You now have Flutter installed!


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