Installing CUDA

Here’s the process for installing CUDA. I’m installing version 11.4 update 2, but the process has been the same for a while now.

  1. Go to the CUDA SDK download page here

2. Select the OS. As you select content, more buttons will appear to narrow the download content so it’s specific to your device. When prompted, I use a network install. This will download a small stub and then pull additional content as it’s needed. For Windows 10 64bit, I ended up with this display…

3. Download the installer and run it. It will ask for a temp directory to store content in. I go with the default: –

4. If you’re happy with it, then accept the licensing agreement

5. Select Express install. This puts all of the core features in

6. Wait for the content to download…

7. Wait for the Install to complete…

8. When complete, the installation will show the components installed so you know what’s been done.

9. Click “Close” and the install is complete

That’s the lot. Hope it helps!


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