“The item you requested is not available for purchase.”

If you’re working on Android IAP (GooPlay) and get the message “The item you requested is not available for purchase”, the problem will be one of the following: –

  • Ensure you’ve uploaded a build to GooPlay
  • Make sure the IAP name you’re requesting has been set up in GooPlay (under “In-app products” in the Google Play Developer Console)
  • Make sure the IAP is set to “Active”
  • Make sure the Google Play account you’re using has access to the app you’re trying to make the purchase from (Make sure you’re set up as a tester in the “Manage Testers” section of the GooPlay console.
  • Make sure the bundle ID is set correctly (matches GooPlay bundle ID) on the build you’re testing with
  • Make sure the Version (and Version Code) matches the latest GooPlay published build
  • Email yourself the tester link from GooPlay and make sure you’ve clicked the “BECOME A TESTER” link on the device you’re using
  • Make sure you’ve installed the app from GooPlay before attempting to run a local build. Without this step, GooPlay has no recorded install for the device you’re using so it won’t talk to it and it’ll block traffic (or ignore traffic) from the test app. This is, ultimately, the reason the above message is being shown.

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