What I’ve been up to lately

I’ve been taking a break for a while now (working on house renovations) but have been working on a Entity/Component system in my spare time. Still got a way to go but I’ve made some progress…


I’ve built an environment that has a C# app to handle the control side of things with an embedded C++ app to allow me to display content as high speed using DX11. The two apps talk to each other via TCP comms and the whole things works on both PC and iOS (Android is underway) with live updates between the platforms. i.e I can update content on PC and instantly see it on iOS or move the camera on iOS and it updates the PC.


There are components to handle fbx model loading and display (with an optimized model format), ground system that uses perlin noise to generate infinite landscapes, font system, quad (2D and 3D) system and various other components.

I’m working on a game and adding content to the system as I go. Currently working on an animation system…


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