Setting up a Mac for iOS dev

The code for the hierarchy display was a mess so I’ve given it a rework. I now have an editor in C# with an embedded C++ DX11 interface. The hierarchy display shows entities and components used in the current scene and I’ve integrated bullet so I’ve got a working physics system. Feel like I’m making some progress now…

Just spent an evening getting my iMac hooked up again so I can start on the iOS implementation of the code. Apple have done a nice job of reworking the certificate/identifiers/devices/provisioning profile pish and it’s now usable. It took me about 30 mins tonight to clean out the Mac and rebuild everything from the ground up. Way better than the day that it used to take due to bugs and poor instructions!

So I can now build a test app on the iMac which is reading from the PC harddrive via a share. This allows me to use VS and avoid the nightmare that is XCode. I’ve installed synergy ( on both the PC and the Mac so the mac shares my keyboard and mouse so all I need to do is move the mouse over xcode and hit F5 to get a build onto the iPad… nice!

X360 was approved by Microsoft today so that’s one out of the way. PC, PS3, iOS and Android to go…


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