So, what’s been going on?

Spent the last week finalising a project at work. It’s almost done now so I can stop worrying about it. Android is sooo damn painful to finish and ship.

I’ve got a few things I’ve been working on at home; 1) Setting up a social networking site in a testbed 2) Getting up to speed with a friends website so I can help him with that and 3) working on my own game engine.

The game engine is my big target and I’ve made some progress building it as a Component/Entity system instead of my usual old-school setup. It hit a point this week where the data-driven nature of the engine started to help rather than hinder progress. Up until now I’ve been thinking that I might have bitten off a bit too much but this week it started to pay off.

Working to integrate Bullet now ( Have been using it in games for years but have never reached a stage where I’ve needed to have a serious physics system in one of my games. Got the basic integration up and running this evening so I hope to have a few entities bouncing around tomorrow.

Also discovered this week. Handy little cloud drive that’s easily accessible. Finally became comfortable with Git and also played with which is a very nice way to setup servers to allow testing of web environments.

ok, still not sure about this blogging malarkey but I’ll keep adding entries anyway. Toying with the idea of writing a blog on setting up DX11…


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