iOS “Process launch failed: failed to get the task for process nnn”

Best explanation I have for this one is that it’s caused by using an Adhoc provisioning profile to launch a build from XCode. The Adhoc profile is seen as a distribution build so Apple won’t allow you to debug it directly.

You are still able to send the build to the device and launch on the device, but XCode won’t play nicely with it.



OSX “You do not have permission to open the application…”

I got this message (again) this morning and needed to open the application anyway. Unfortunately, “System Preferences->Security & Privacy” has the “Anywhere” option removed by default in El Capitan, Sierra and High Sierra (and above I assume). To get it back, just do this from a terminal: –

sudo spctl --master-disable

This will re-enable the option in the settings panel by disabling the security check. Obviously, don’t do this unless you know what you’re doing (see here for more details)

Hope it helps


Generating a Public/Private key for use with ssh (OSX)

Quick note so I don’t forget this for next time…

ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/[keyname]

e.g. ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/myuser

This will generate two files: –             <- public key

myuser                     <- private key

The latter of the two files is your private key. Keep it secret, keep it safe. The former is your public key. That’s the one you’ll need to supply to someone to get access to a remote server that you’re going to ssh to

oh, and one other thing. You may need to chown the .ssh directory to 600 so it has enough rights to be accessed for the login. (chown -R 600 .ssh)